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Huron County
Mentor Programs

Mentors Needed!!
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Doing Homework

Reach Our Youth

Reach Our Youth (ROY) is a mentoring program that matches volunteers with local,​ ​disadvantaged youth, age 6-18, in a one-to-one relationship. They also provide group activities for kids and volunteers in the program.

Age Exchange

Age Exchange uses senior citizens as tutors/mentors who work with younger school aged children who need help being successful in school. Some of the volunteers are retired teachers.

This intergenerational program provides the opportunity for children to experience individualized attention from an understanding adult.

The Program Goals include:

  • Structured group activities

  • Individual help with homework

  • Educational games

  • Arts, crafts, and interactive fun

  • A nutritious snack

  • Learning respect and manners

Grandfather and Child Fishing
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