Coalition Committees


Ashley Morrow, Outreach Coordinator

Huron County Mental Health & Addiction Services


Bethany Chime, Clinician

Clear Minds Coaching & Counseling


Kristen Gerpe, School Psychologist

Western Reserve Schools


Niki Cross, Director

Huron County Family & Children First Council


  • Substance Use

  • Youth Advocacy

  • Youth Resiliency

  • LGBTQ+ Support

  • Suicide Prevention

Contact Niki Cross, Coalition Coordinator for questions or to join.

(419) 668-8126 ext. 3336 or 


  • Mayor Dave Light, City of Norwalk

  • Lenora Minor, Huron County DJFS

  • Pastor Wayne Chesney, Monroeville UCC

  • Jeff Ritz, Willard City Schools

  • Sarah Simmons, Reach Our Youth

  • Susan Wilson, Family Life Counseling

  • Tom Schwan, BRASS

  • Angel Young, Bellevue City Schools

  • Lavin Schwan, BRASS

  • Mitch Cawrse, Huron County Sheriff/ New London Schools

  • Kenneth Murray, Fisher-Titus Medical Center

  • Mary Valentine, Adult & Child Protective Services

  • Pat Krause, Norwalk Area United Fund

  • Rodge Wilson, Western Reserve Schools

  • Kim Schubert, Bellevue City Schools

  • Terry Boose, Huron County Commissioner

  • Tracy Fox, Community Advocate

  • Kristen Cardone, Huron County MHAS

  • Ralph Moore, Monroeville Schools

  • Tamra Salyer, Mercy Hospital

  • Sheriff Todd Corbin,  Huron County Sheriff

  • Pastor Timothy McCollum, Fitchville UMC

  • Jordy Horowitz, Norwalk City Schools

  • Yahoska Acosta, Huron County FCFC

  • Amanda Stieber, Monroeville Schools

  • Brad Romano, New London Schools

  • Coral Smith, Monroeville Schools

  • George Fisk, Norwalk City Schools

  • Jen Meyer, Monroeville Schools

  • Jessica Dickman, Family Life Counseling

  • Lauren Robinson, Firelands Counseling & Recovery

  • Julie Landoll, Mercy Hospital

  • Ben Chaffee, South Central Schools

  • Christopher Mushett, Juvenile Court

  • Ruthann Foltz, Certified Prevention Specialist

  • Dave Daniels, Norwalk Police Department

  • Kari Smith, Huron County Board of DD

  • Jen Sieger, Monroeville Schools

  • Jen Harvey, Monroeville Schools

  • Abby Keefer, 

  • Alivia Sazdanoff, Youth Advocate

  • Janet Cok, Willard Community Connectors

  • Dennis Doughty, North Point Educational Service Center

  • John Chime, Clear Minds Coaching & Counseling

  • Jere Logan, Community Advocate

  • Joe Hintz, Huron County Commissioner


(419) 668-8126


Huron County Family & Children First Council

185 Shady Lane Drive

Norwalk, OH 44857

(419) 668-8126

Fax: (419) 668-4738